Wow, November 1st already…

Robin Whitford


Regardless of feeling ready or not, the holidays are coming and Sew Crazy is getting busy. 

So what’s new with Sew Crazy you ask? Well, it’s heading in a bit of a new direction. Taking in everything I’ve learned over the last year and a half, I’ve been examining what’s working and what’s not.  That means letting go of some of the things that are not working and as those close to me know, Ive been struggling with the idea of changing anything that Sew Crazy is or does, but really, for any business to survive and grow it has to make money. Yes, that word. MONEY.  It is far beyond my comfort zone to talk about money publicly, but one of the things I’ve learnt is that a business needs to know its numbers and there’s nothing shameful in that.  I’m sorry if it is uncomfortable for you to hear, but making one of a kind clothes from repurposed fabrics is not a sustainable business (for me, at this time anyway).  I am still 100% committed to minimal waste, quality natural fibres and ethical practices. I will continue to create and sew all kinds of things, but Sew Crazy needs to focus. Ive learned the hard way that businesses with limited focus get thrown off track way too easily and way too often. 

Sew Crazy will focus on custom embroidery services as well as expanding our line of original and ridiculous embroidered hand towels.  I love my embroidery machine and being able to personalize items for my clients is a joy. I have also found a surprising new avenue for my creativity (and funny bone) by embroidering hand towels with all kinds of sayings, some funny, some inspirational, some just plain ridiculous. These are the things that have proven to have a market for  (I received all kinds of wonderful feedback from my clothes, but unfortunately it didn't always translate into sales). 

Ive met some awesome people (another perk of the job!) who appreciate and value embroidery services so this is where I will be putting my energy moving forward.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me and my Sew Crazy business.