Why am I Sew Crazy?

Robin Whitford

Where do I start?! 

I guess for those that don't know me, I'll start by saying that I am proud to say I'm crazy. I'm serious. I'm confident and comfortable in my craziness.  For me, it simply means that I'm surviving in this crazy world and everyday I try to laugh, to love and to do whatever little thing I can to make this better place for everyone (some days that might just mean staying home alone).

I believe it is probably worthwhile to define crazy so we are on the same page discussing it. According to the Merriam- Webster dictionary, crazy is defined as "full of cracks or flaws: unsound". These are things that I can relate to and I'm guessing most people can (whether or not they would like to admit it is another issue).  The term 'unsound' might  seem a little odd to be seen as a positive, but really, what is normal to one, is abnormal (or unsound) to another.  I'm happy to accept this and move on. 

So back to me being Sew Crazy.  I didn't accept this crazy reality until a few years ago when I was forced to accept that fighting 'it'  was not going to work any longer.  Literally, I couldn't work.  The harder I tried, the worse I felt  and ultimately the crazier I got.  I got anxious, sad and really quite angry at all sorts of things, most of which I had no control over. These emotions caused physical ailments that made daily living quite frustrating and really depressing. That is until I stopped fighting myself and embraced my Sew Crazy Self. Of course this is the 10 second explanation of what has been a really difficult journey, and I expect and accept that it is a journey that will not end anytime soon. 

So that is where it all starts: we live in a crazy world that we can't control and we must figure out how to laugh and to love and to do all those little things we can to make it a better place for everyone.  And for me, sewing is one way I can make this word a little better. I choose my fabric with the planet in mind, reusing whenever possible, and I try to make things that make people feel good inside and out!  

By writing about my journey, I hope to inspire you to do what feels right for you, whatever 'it' is. Even if it might seem crazy to others. You will inspire them too! Because fighting it is really the crazy part, after that, it really does get easier. So what makes you feel good inside? What contribution do you want to make?

I look forward to sharing my Sew Crazy stories with you and I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Cheers, Robin